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Can safes be installed?

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Can safes be installed?

Many people ask us if safes can be installed. Long gone are the days where safes only had a weight of 1000kg+. With many homeowners deciding to secure their most valuable assets in their home we get asked if safes can be installed.

Nowadays, through the emergence of technology and competitor offering, safes are available in a huge range of sizes, weights and security ratings.

Regardless of their size, all safes will come with holes ready for installation which can be conducted by yourself or by our professional installation team at LockCorp Locksmiths.

Do all safes have fixing points in the back and base?

Some home safes will have both a rear and a base fixing point allowing for the safe to be installed by bolting to either the floor or wall. The bolts provided for fitting are designed for external brick walls or concrete floors.

Do I need to install my safe?

Without proper installation the safe could be moved and the answer is a resounding yes.

With reports of some burglaries where the safes have been removed from the property or thrown from an upper floor via windows or stairs it is imperative that “wanna be burglars” aren’t given an easy ride in taking your safe with them.

Can I install the safe myself?

Installing a lightweight safe can be a straight forward task if you have the right tools and skills, However if the safe is too heavy or you want someone to undertake the task our team at LockCorp Locksmiths can do this for you.

What does installed as per manufacturers guidelines mean?

In most instances Insurance Approved Safes require the safe to be installed as per manufacturers recommendations – essentially meaning that the safe needs to be installed in the same way that the product receives its testing and certification.

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