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High Security Safes: Do You Need One?

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High Security Safes: Do You Need One?

There are many types of safes for sale. From state-of-the-art biometric units to budget safes for the home, you have a wealth of options to pick from when choosing the perfect product for your security needs.

One term you might hear, or might think about when looking to buy a safe, is “high security”. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this encompasses all safes. Why wouldn’t you always buy a safe that is high security?

Is that not the point of a safe?

While all good quality safes have strong security features to protect your valuables, some are a cut above the rest. Also known as maximum security safes, these units go above and beyond your traditional measures of security.

So what are the differences, and is this the kind of safe you need?

Defining a High Security Safe

A high security safe, or maximum security safe, takes modern valuable security and kicks it into high gear. Consider these safes as the Ferraris of the security world. But what sets them apart from the rest?

  • Access Control:

High security safes are designed to keep unauthorised individuals out at all costs. As such, manufacturers are rarely content with just one method of access. You’ll often find that maximum security safes have multiple levels of access controls and locking mechanisms fitted to the unit — this may include any mixture of keycodes, physical keys, biometric entry systems, combination locks and more.

  • Security Features:

Your standard safe is secure, but your high security safe is inextricably secure. Buy the right maximum security unit and your product will include features such as targeted drilled protection technology, increased casing thickness and concrete weighting to ensure nobody can remove your safe without mechanical equipment.

  • Asset Protection Guarantees:

When you buy a maximum security safe, you are often doing so to protect very valuable possessions or assets. In order to ensure that the units are capable of doing the job intended, manufacturers will produce them to standards known as Eurograde. This puts a numerical figure on the value of items that can be insured within the safe. The higher the value the safe can guarantee, the higher the security, clearly demonstrating their benefits over other products on the market.

  • Build Quality:

We will never stock a poor quality item, but that doesn’t mean some safes aren’t put together better than others. To ensure they offer maximum security, the highest security units available will be manufactured with only premium materials, assembled by experts and checked to the most rigorous standards of certification.

Who Needs a Maximum Security Safe?

High security safes are not for everyone. While they are the ultimate in security for high-value item protection when it comes to theft or damage, they are also often the most expensive option. Maximum security safes are an investment. An investment that ensures your property is secure. But a high security safe is not always necessary, and sometimes it is.

So who should consider purchasing this kind of unit?

  • Businesses:

Business properties are, more often than not, places that contain highly valuable items. This umbrella term covers many things, from sensitive files, confidential documents and legal assets to equipment, tools and even cash. Many of these items are essential for successful operation and profitability. Loss, theft or damage could result in major difficulties. High security safes can provide an absolutely essential boost to security that helps keep businesses running smoothly. With half of businesses victims of crime at some point in their lifespan, taking all necessary precautions could not be more important.

  • High-Value Homes:

High-value homes, such as large estates, mansions or inner-city properties, are typically housing higher quantities of expensive items than the average house. High-networth individuals will have higher value possessions, which are not only more difficult to insure but also more desirable to criminals. Keeping items safe and secure will require the best security money can buy. While you may enjoy CCTV technology and state-of-art alarm systems, a maximum security safe cannot be beaten when it comes to physically stopping the removal of valuable possessions.

  • Individual Expensive Items:

You don’t have to be inordinately wealthy to own items of high value. Many individuals own high-value belongings or assets that they’ve purchased as one-offs or been given as gifts. Items may also have sentimental value that go beyond any kind of retail cost, such as family heirlooms. If you own something that has serious monetary value or personal worth, something that is utterly irreplaceable, then buying a high security safe is the best way of securing it.

Where Can You Buy a High Security Safe?

High security safes, more than any other type of safe, are specialised units. Their guarantees of quality, value, innovations and requirements to secure high-value items mean you are unlikely to find them in your typical department store or online shopping website.

Instead, you need to go to a targeted retailer — such as LockCorp Locksmiths.

We have an extensive range of high security safes that offer the advanced levels of security you need to protect your most valuable items and possessions. Whether you are looking for large vaults or small and highly-secure units, you can find what you are looking for at LockCorp Locksmiths.

When buying a maximum security safe, we recommend you purchase from a specialist provider. This is because you not only get their wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring you pick the safe that is right, but you also have assurances in terms of warranty, quality installation and follow-up service if there are any concerns or problems in the future.

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