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What is a Concealed Safe and Why Do You Need One?

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What Is a Concealed Safe?

A concealed safe is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a safe that is hidden from view.

A traditional safe, such as a free-standing unit, hotel safe or gun safe, will typically be found in open space. You may keep your safe on a work surface or under a desk. These safes still offer great security, but they are easy to spot as well, which makes them more accessible to potential criminals. Concealed safes offer an extra level of protection simply by being harder to find.

What Types of Concealed Safes Are There?

There are numerous types of concealed safes available to homeowners and businesses alike. Each offers unique benefits in terms of accessibility and theft prevention. The main types of concealed safes are:

  • Underfloor Safes: Underfloor safes are fitted into the flooring space of a property and sealed permanently within concrete. In order to find this kind of safe, you must know exactly where to look. Even if you can find it, they are impossible to remove, meaning the only way somebody can access it is by knowing the necessary codes or combinations. Typically small in size, although larger units are available, underfloor safes offer perhaps the ultimate in concealed safe protection and are powerful tools in the fight against the theft of valuables. They also usually offer the highest cash insurance ratings for any type of concealed safe.
  • Floorboard Safes: Floorboard safes are very similar to underfloor safes in terms of design. They fit into premade underfloor spaces and can be hidden beneath many different types of floor materials, making them near impossible to locate. However, unlike underfloor safes that are sealed within concrete, floorboard safes are fitted with joists and bolts. While this makes them slightly easier to remove (but not easy at all) it also means they are cheaper and simpler to install, fit and replace, and also have removed if necessary.
  • Wall Safes:  A wall safe is designed to fit into spaces modelled into property walls. The idea is that the unit is set into the brickwork of the building itself and secured to the wall by mountings, making it near impossible to remove. The added benefit of a wall safe is that it can then also be hidden behind pictures, TVs or other items. This type of safe is popular in Hollywood movies, where heroes and villains alike stash their cash, jewellery, guns and secret documents; and there is a reason wall safes have found their way into blockbusters. Wall safes are very discreet. Much like the underfloor safe, you really need to know what you are looking for if you are actually going to find it, making it another great option for asset protection.

Compact Safes: A compact safe is definitely the easiest kind of concealed safe to use and install. While it may not provide all the benefits of a wall or underfloor safe, it is still a strong and viable option. Why? Because a compact safe is exactly that, compact. It’s small, which makes it easy to move around and place in tough to reach or access areas of your property. Hidden away behind books, at the back of a drawer or somewhere else discreet, a compact safe can be challenging to find, ramping up the security it offers.

Benefits of Modern Safes

Any modern safe, whether it’s concealed or not, can provide important benefits in terms of protection for your possessions. A safe is an investment few businesses, and even fewer private property owners, actually make. However, those who do benefit from more than just protecting their valuables.

  • Asset Security: What is the primary reason for buying a safe? To keep valuables out of the clutches of criminals and thieves. Modern safes are very good at achieving this goal. Through combinations of security features and advanced access controls — such as biometric locking, electronic systems and touchscreen interfaces — safes have become one of the best and most reliable tools for protecting belongings and business assets.
  • Insurance: Safes have two advantages when it comes to insurance. The first is that they offer protection when it comes to making actual claims. Many safes come with cash ratings. If you secure your belongings and assets within a cash rated safe, it means that if anything is stolen from inside, your insurer will pay out on claims up to the cash rated amount assigned to the unit — providing you agree on a policy before any theft takes place. Safes can also reduce business and home insurance by demonstrating extra levels of valuable protection to firms.
  • Additional Protection: Safes don’t just keep out thieves; they also keep out the elements. Fire and water damage can devastate valuables in the event of disaster, yet safes can provide additional protection. Secured safely inside a fire-resistant or water-resistant safe, your assets or belongings have a much better chance of surviving unforeseen circumstances like fires or flooding.

Why Buy a Concealed Safe?

So we’ve covered the benefits of a modern safe, but why specifically purchase a concealed safe?

A concealed safe takes these benefits and improves upon them by making it more of a challenge for thieves to even locate your goods in the first place. Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity — criminals want to get in and out of your property as quickly as possible, with the average break-in lasting just a few minutes. When a thief cannot locate your safe quickly, it’s unlikely they’ll stick around to look for it, minimising the chance that they’ll take off with your most valuable belongings. If owning a safe is an excellent property-protection solution, having a safe that is also difficult to find only improves upon its security capabilities.

A concealed safe is perfect for businesses and property owners with high-value goods that need securing. Walls safes and underfloor safes, in particular, may require building adjustments, such as new space creation, for installation. This can incur extra costs. However, their uses for security cannot be underestimated or undervalued.

As the last line of defence against theft or valuable damage, there is nothing better than a concealed safe.

How to Find the Best Concealed Safe

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